Old Version Ping G15 Driver

Although Ping G15 Driver was released beyond 6 years, many golfers still add it into their golf bags, why? Let’s listen what they are said.

Owned the G15 driver for 3 years and it has been tremendous. The best thing is control of the drive and have never owned a Driver even close to this that provides it as well. Hit the ball long and straight and most important it is very easy to swing and no matter what the handicap is, it can help your game. I played in a annual charity golf tournament and actually hit the ball longer that anybody else did in another tournament that was playing simultaneously. Great club and like the feel when you hit a good drive.

g15 driver reviews

The very best driver I’ve owned and I make a serious hobby of burying and trying drivers and then selling them. It is hard for me to get anything but a straight drive with the G15. Occasionally I will push a drive and yet this driver saves me more often than not by keeping me in or near the short grass. I know how other club manufacturers build forgiveness but the Ping G15 simply and beautifully, without wrenches and weights and other doodads, corrects my swing errors and puts me in the fairway. I am thinking of buying a second G15 before this model is phased out. The K15 driver, does not come close to the G15 for forgiveness and distance.

It is hard to believe that Ping could come up with something to better the rightly popular Ping G10 driver but they have come up trumps with the new G15 – a truly worthy successor. I have been lucky enough to already get to try out the new Ping clubs and I have not been disappointed. A big fan of the G10 I was dubious if I would feel the need to upgrade to this newer version but everything from looks to performance has convinced me that a good club has got even better. The club sits behind the ball very well and is visually confidence building – the half crescent alignment system has been slightly modified in the G15 to look slightly more modern and fit in with then new red colour scheme – giving a solid look to address. The 460cc head still looks like a driver should do (I think it is slightly deeper at the back than the G10) and the club is extremely well balanced. In terms of performance it cannot be faulted – a solid feel and good sound at impact translate into a penetrating and long ball flight with impressive forgiveness on off centre hits.

Having liked the much hyped and wildly popular G10 driver I was very keen to see how Ping had managed the improvements in the G15 version. And straight away you realise they’ve managed very well indeed. This ticks all the boxes when I’m choosing a driver. It goes long and straight when you hit it well and it goes reasonably long and reasonably straight when you don’t hit it so well. The design is quite understated, especially at address (with a much improved alignment aid) which adds to the impression that this is an unfussy bit of kit that will get the job done time and time again. For players in my handicap range this is one of the best drivers I’ve tried for a while. With the G10 having been so popular Ping will have felt the pressure to deliver the goods with this upgrade but they’ve pulled off the trick with something to spare.