ping g15 irons for sale best price

Firstly let me say one thing, ignore what you might read about the way these irons look, once you’ve hit them the looks will be the last thing on your mind!

g15 irons

Ping has a reputation for producing irons that do the job, be it for pros like Lee Westwood or regular golfers like me. The G15 irons are for guys like me (although they have been spotted in the bags of several tour pros), I need a bit of help getting the ball in the air and help on off center strikes. Good strikes with the G15 irons are rewarded with a soaring ball flight and ample distance, off center strikes are also rewarded with a minimal drop off in distance, in fact I’ve looked at my club several times expecting a mark in the center of the face, only to find it towards the toe or heel!

At the end of the day a round of golf is about having fun, if you can get away with a less than perfect swing, then that has to be a good a thing. The G15 irons allow you to enjoy the game by not being punished for slight mistakes, sure, you will still slice the ball, you will still hook the ball. But if you put a decent swing on the ball you will be rewarded.

With that in mind it’s easy to come to terms with the fact you aren’t playing a highly chromed blade iron, in fact, when your ball is flying towards the green an a par 3, the looks of the club are the last thing on your mind!