Take a Look at the Whole Ping G25 Family

In such a G30 pupolar developing world, would you still remember the old G25 series? Actually, the G25 was also filling any corner of the golf world by the time when it was just unveiled just like G30. In the G25 family, there are Ping G25 Driver, Ping G25 Fairway Wood, Ping G25 Hybrid and Ping G25 Irons.

Ping has introduced its new G25 range, featuring a series of impressive new designs and performance enhancements. The 2013 range of G products is made up of the Ping G25 Driver for sale, the G25 fairway woods, the G25 hybrid and the Ping G25 Irons for slae, as well as the Scottsdale TR putters.


The G25 driver features Trajectory Turning Technology and variable-thickness face design for added distance, high launch and low spin. The Ping G25 Fairway Wood employs an Extreme Variable-Thickness Face and a low-profile, forgiving design for greater distance, higher launch and increased distance.

The Ping G25 Hybrid uses progressive CG positions for optimised trajectories and external sole weighting for high MOI. The G25 irons have a re-engineered Custom Tuning Port and provide long-iron forgiveness and short-iron control.

Additionally, the Ping G25 Irons  are also regarded as one of the best golf clubs for sale among all the golf sets. Moreover, the G25 irons also suit all levels of golf players no matter young golfers or senior golfers.

Should You Upgrade Ping G25 Driver to New G30?

Nowadays, more and more new golf clubs for sale are coming out each year or even month. Many golf players would follow the tide to change their so called old golf clubs. Just like mobile phones, they are updating in just a few month. Should you upgrade the one you have only for few days to a new series? So does in golf, should you upgrade your old series to a new series?

Yes, I know that there are plenty of promising models coming in market, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to upgrade this season. So, before you rush out and waste a bunch of your hard-earned dollars on a club with a center of gravity that’s a few millimeters more forward than last year’s model, we thought it would be a good idea to write up some tips to help you decide if it’s time to upgrade.

For example, Ping G30 Driver is the updating series of Ping G25 Driver. Should you change your G25 to new G30? To be or not to be is a question. But this should depends. Why? It should depend on your own request. If the Ping G25 Driver for sale  you have in hands are really too old to use any longer, then it is time to make a change.


Whether you’ve got your eye on a new set of Ping G30 Irons  or a new Ping G30 Driver, you should always be wondering how different those clubs are from what you’re already carrying. Golf manufacturers typically make very small changes every year — sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t — but giant tweaks are rare because they’re so risky.


If your old Ping G25 Driver is five or eight years old, you may gain a great deal from a new club, but if it’s only a couple of models back, you’re better off waiting for a good used golf club to come around.However, this is not 1005% correct. It is still a good choice to get a new Ping G30 Driver as Christmas gift.

Therefore, the club you’re interested in is actually new and different, so it might be worth paying full price for — but are those new features made with your swing in mind? Not everyone swings the Ping G25 Driver like you, that’s why there are so many out there, so it’s important to find out if the changes they made to the club you want will actually help correct your slice or if they’re only going to make it a lot worse.

In a word, you should be sensible to make a decision on changing the clubs or not. When it is necessary, then just do it!