Ping G30 Is the New Sign of Speed

Among the best golf sellers of year 2014 and 2015, Ping G30 is surely one of the top three series. We all know why this happens. There are so many other golf clubs for sale UK, why G30 can arrive top 3? Speed is the most important factor. And at most time, we can say G30 is the sign of speed. If you want speed and improve your game, G30 would be a good choice.

The G30 series includes two driver options including standard and SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology) — along with fairway woods, hybrids and irons. No matter Ping G30 Driver, Ping G30 Fairway Wood, Ping G30 Hybrid or Ping G30 Irons, each one is much better than the old G25 series.

Across the product line, Ping has proved you can hit the ball higher and farther while increasing forgiveness and control. They also continued our focus on advancing custom fitting in the driver and fairway woods by offering five loft positions. All of this promotes the consistent, reliable results used in Ping G30 that will help golfers of any skill level shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more.


The most visible innovation on the Ping G30 Driver for sale UK is the patented turbulators engineered onto the crown. Inspired by the aeronautics and sporting industries that put a premium on speed, Turbulator Technology reduces aerodynamic drag by significantly delaying airflow separation, maintaining attached airflow around the clubhead as it approaches impact, leading to more speed.

The entire G30 series benefits from new face technologies and materials, including the introduction of T9S titanium in the Ping G30 Driver, which results in thinner faces and weight savings that help position the CG low and back. The Ping G30 Fairway Wood utilises a high-strength Carpenter 475 steel in the face, and the Ping G30 Hybrid is heat treated with an H900 process. Both result in hotter, more forgiving faces. The Ping G30 Irons face is thinner for higher ball speeds while being stabilised by a new custom tuning port design for predictable distance control.

With the G30 series, you would find that Ping engineers once again accomplished something that is unique to Ping G30 Golf Clubs for Sale — they elevated performance significantly in key areas without sacrificing other important attributes.

Ping G30 Driver Is Ever the Best One

When you see this title, you might be curious. How can I state that the Ping G30 Driver is ever the best one? Because different players may have different request on golf clubs for sale. Yes, I know, but I want to say that the G30 Driver is the best driver for me and the most golf players who love Ping.

Before talking about the performance benefits of the G30 driver, it’s only right I begin by starting on the looks – which actually become a performance enhancement. According to PING’s senior design engineer Marty Jertson, who provided Golfmagic and the rest of the European golf media with an in-depth lecture on the new G30 family last Thursday afternoon, the G30 driver’s new patented Turbulator Technology reduces aerodynamic drag by significantly delaying airflow separation, maintaining attached airflow around the clubhead as it approaches impact, leading to more speed. 2

Essentially, the 460cc G30 head has the aerodynamics of a driver that measures 100cc smaller. From what I was informed through PING’s internal testing, average golfers received 0.7mph extra clubhead speed compared to the company’s previous Ping G25 Driver.

During PING staffer testing, two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson added an extra 2mph clubhead speed and extra 4mph ball speed. Another nice touch of the ‘turbulators’ is alignment because the six ridges frame the ball superbly, and the traditional PING matte black crown will also continue to suit those PING loyalists.

In addition, you may pay less attention the sound of the club. If you have ever used the G30 Driver, you would find that the G30 is one of the nicest sounding drivers on the market today. And Christmas is coming soon, I intend to buy one more new Ping G30 Driver for my best friend-William.

ping g25 driver vs ping g30 driver

The Ping G30 driver was compared to the Ping G25 driver in a wind tunnel with very interesting results. The G25 driver had an average clubhead speed of 105.5 mph, but with the G30 driver, the clubhead speed increased to 106.5 mph. A one mph increase in clubhead speed doesn’t sound like very much, but it does equate to approximately four more yards in carry distance. That translates to about a half a club less into the green for your second shot. When Bubba Watson did the comparison, he was able to gain approximately two mph in swing speed when using the G30 driver over the G25 which gained him approximately 10 more yards in carry distance.

g25 driver


PING has embossed the word on the damn crown. Subtle guys…really subtle.

One of the obstacles that absolutely every club designer struggles with is that a golf club head, particularly a driver head, is simply not aerodynamic by design.

You’ve got this giant mostly-flat face that transitions rather harshly to the crown. As far as moving through air and space as efficiently as possible are concerned, it’s less than ideal. It basically sucks.

In terms of pure aerodynamics, a smaller face with a more gradual, elongated, transition to the crown is a much more efficient design.

Unfortunately, that type of design doesn’t work particularly well for hitting golf balls (especially when you care as much about MOI as PING does), which makes it less than practical considering the intended purpose.

That’s where the Turbulators come in.

Here Are The Differences You Need To Know:

The G30 driver features crown turbulators to help generate greater clubhead speed and golf ball velocity for consistently longer, straighter drives.
The G30 also has a new T9S face material that is strong, lightweight, and thin to optimize face deflection increasing ball speeds for longer drives.
The G30 has Trajectory Tuning + Technology which will help fine-tune launch conditions with the five settings and two degrees of loft adjustability.
The G25 driver is positioned to attract both beginners and the tour player, due to the combination of a large, forgiving head, Trajectory Tuning Technology, and a speed-generating shaft.
The G25 driver allows you to add or subtract 0.5 degrees of loft from the standard 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degree settings to optimize launch conditions for maximum distance.

Ping G30 Driver Reviews UK

Ping G30 Driver is a very successful driver and many golfers love it very much. It released at 1 Aug, 2014, which comes with ping tfc419d graphite shaft, 45.75 inches, d3 swing weight. Not only for low but also for high handicap golfers. You can play it well even if you are a beginner.

g30 driver reviews

With the G30 driver, PING has their most radical product offering to date. Known more as a traditional company, it isn’t often that their clubs have technology not seen on other clubs. The company was among the last to go to adjustable hosels as standard for their drivers, and even at this point there are other hosels that are much more advanced and allow for more settings. Also, you aren’t going to find any movable or sliding weights on this club that will let you fine tune the club’s center of gravity. What you will find, and what’s not on any other driver currently available, are “Turbulators.”

Let’s see some reviews from other golfers.

Boca said: I was hesitant to try this driver knowing full well that the speed turbulators would provide me as much benefit as water wings flying me to the moon! (I don’t have the clubbed speed of Bubba…not even on the same planet!) That said, they’re great for alignment.
Nevertheless, a smooth easy swing will produce a straight flight with excellent distance. I purchased the G30 SFT and was blown away. If you can’t find the fairway with this driver than perhaps bowling would be a better option…lol!
You’ll fall in love! I could give you technological reasons why this will work for every swing, but nuf said that the G30 provides every possible advantage to get you far down and on the fairway.
A blast! Rarely ever miss a fairway and the only times I’m in the rough is when I hit it too far as this puppy is looooooong. Not much for adjustability, only 1 degree up or down, but PING had is reasons, all good. Just another reason for you to take advantage of the Golfsmith custom fitting you to be sure you walk out the fit for your individual swing.
I could not possibly be more pleased and/or thrilled with the driver. It will “surprise you” in the best way possible!

David said: I love the Ping G30. I have nothing but positive drives off of the Tee. 270 plus 90% of the time now. Straight as an arrow! I also want to thank the gentleman at Golfsmith ( I wish that I could remember his name ) that helped me with this. He put me in their practice area, I hit golf ball after golf ball on a Saturday morning until he had me set up with the proper Ping Driver. You guys are awesome. I will definitely be back to shop .

Overall ping g30 driver is Quality, Durability, Easy to Use, Good Value driver that ping ever made.