Ping G30 Is the New Sign of Speed

Among the best golf sellers of year 2014 and 2015, Ping G30 is surely one of the top three series. We all know why this happens. There are so many other golf clubs for sale UK, why G30 can arrive top 3? Speed is the most important factor. And at most time, we can say G30 is the sign of speed. If you want speed and improve your game, G30 would be a good choice.

The G30 series includes two driver options including standard and SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology) — along with fairway woods, hybrids and irons. No matter Ping G30 Driver, Ping G30 Fairway Wood, Ping G30 Hybrid or Ping G30 Irons, each one is much better than the old G25 series.

Across the product line, Ping has proved you can hit the ball higher and farther while increasing forgiveness and control. They also continued our focus on advancing custom fitting in the driver and fairway woods by offering five loft positions. All of this promotes the consistent, reliable results used in Ping G30 that will help golfers of any skill level shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more.


The most visible innovation on the Ping G30 Driver for sale UK is the patented turbulators engineered onto the crown. Inspired by the aeronautics and sporting industries that put a premium on speed, Turbulator Technology reduces aerodynamic drag by significantly delaying airflow separation, maintaining attached airflow around the clubhead as it approaches impact, leading to more speed.

The entire G30 series benefits from new face technologies and materials, including the introduction of T9S titanium in the Ping G30 Driver, which results in thinner faces and weight savings that help position the CG low and back. The Ping G30 Fairway Wood utilises a high-strength Carpenter 475 steel in the face, and the Ping G30 Hybrid is heat treated with an H900 process. Both result in hotter, more forgiving faces. The Ping G30 Irons face is thinner for higher ball speeds while being stabilised by a new custom tuning port design for predictable distance control.

With the G30 series, you would find that Ping engineers once again accomplished something that is unique to Ping G30 Golf Clubs for Sale — they elevated performance significantly in key areas without sacrificing other important attributes.

Ping G30 Irons Vs the New GMax Irons

When it comes to Ping golf clubs for sale, we would firstly think of the G30 series which were produced in 2014. We are all very familiar with the Ping G30 Driver and Ping G30 Irons. However,  few people would know about the new GMax irons. And I would like to compare the 2 Ping irons to know the differences.

The newly-launched Ping GMax iron broadens what was an already wide appeal of the G Series range of irons. From the very first model, these irons have always brought distance and forgiveness to the table in their own unique style.

While the Ping G30 irons could suit any golfer from a low teen handicap to low 20s, the GMax is a true super game improver model aimed more toward higher handicappers and beginners. It takes design and performance elements from Karsten and gives them a G Series makeover, offering even more forgiveness and distance with G30-esque aesthetics.


What is interesting here though is that even though the shaft lengths and lofts are the same as Ping G30 Driver for sale, Ping say the GMax iron will perform very differently. Specifically, it should offer golfers a higher ball flight and a few extra yards as well as more forgiveness on off-centre hits – all performance traits its target golfer will be happy to benefit from swiftly.

There’s no doubting that the GMax is a larger looking iron than the G30 from all angles. The wider soles offer more forgiveness through the turf while the trailing edge relief aids what is still relatively limited playability from the rough. Another distinct difference between the two is the sound – the GMax has a much louder ‘Ping’ sound  to it, which will divide opinion but certainly doesn’t detract from the hitting experience.

As expected before trying them out, the GMax offers everything the G30 does in a slightly larger quantity. From our launch monitor testing, parameters like spin, launch and carry distance were all higher with GMax compared to Ping G30 Irons, which will suit the low swing speed players you tend to see at this end of the handicap spectrum to a tee.

Ping G30 Irons are a more widely used irons for all players. Even many senior golfers are likely to use the G30 irons. So, when you are trying to find one set for you bettwen these 2 irns, I would suggest you buy the Ping G30 Irons for sale.

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Compared to the bold and unique looking metalwoods in PING’s newest line, the G30 irons impart a much different reaction in hand. Lacking the audacious selling points that turbulators and Bubba Watson’s firepower bring, they instead offer modest changes from the G25’s. Rather than a complete redesign, the G30’s are a progression of what is arguably PING’s flagship iron line that should be quite popular with fans of past offerings.

g30 irons

Progressive lengths and lofts and a thin face will help you launch the ball high yet significantly farther, while still providing the added control you need to consistently attack the flag. Faster ball speeds are provided by a Custom Tuning Port that sits very low and supports a thin face. The CTP and a low-back CG optimize launch and forgiveness while ensuring a solid feel. Slightly longer heads also boost MOI, and a new sole design ensures solid contact.

The archetypal game-improvement iron. Point-and-shoot consistency and auto-pilot forgiveness make the G30 ideal for weekend warriors who would rather squeeze in a quick nine than spend the time honing their games on the driving range.

In fact the G30 could be the irons for a lot of people as the forgiveness and ease of use will suit mid to high handicaps. Even high single figure players who find the i25 irons a little compact should consider the G30 as the sound, feel and control is excellent.

The larger heads do have a little more offset but it decreases in the shorter irons, which also have shorter heads to make them feel more compact without trading in any performance. The G30 irons will make the game easier to play and everyone can do with a little bit of that.